The Dinosaur Garden

by Viva Deserter

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The Dinosaur Garden is a reflection between one individual from three different time periods–fuzzy memories from the past, fear of the future and present forever at a crossroad between the former two.

The album is accompanied by a film which will be shared in 12 parts throughout 2018. Shot between Brighton, North Wales and Cheshire using the themes of The Dinosaur Garden in a kaleidoscope of vivid imagery.

The cover artwork was created by maverick genius Steve "Jacuzzi" Hardstaff, a legend in his own rights who was instrumental to many scouser bands you've surely heard of.

LP bonus is an epic remix of 'Psychic Bones' by the extraordinaire Anthony Von Seck.


released March 29, 2018

Steeve Patrick - voices, guitars, percussions, keys, sounds
Rui Nù - samples, hardware, knobs, moog

Mixed & mastered by Charlotte Höltz @ Arkwood Studios

Thanks to Emily Walker, Alastair Hesketh-Jones, Sam / Ava Green & Paddy O for your acting skills. Warmth to Steve "Jacuzzi" Hardstaff for the stunning artwork.


all rights reserved



Viva Deserter Manchester, UK

Manchester UK based act of French Canadian origin, Viva Deserter is an anagram of the artist's given name. Electronic, conceptual with experimental tendencies, what started as an art project turned into a fully realised sensual & dark musical outfit.

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Track Name: The Origami Child
i am the secret caucus
i am the origami child
from your scar tissue

i am the chronic car crash
but not a part of you
the eye of your storm

i am the swelling driftwood
i am the amber of your womb
you never forget

i am the violator
i am the fallacy of truth
you never forgive

i go head first
Track Name: Reflections
“haven’t seen my face in moons...”
the creatures wake tonight
by the way they look, they surely could
the wicked, the wicked!

and the winning goes to homies
military chant
never fault your heroes

failing on the number game
calculated smile
returning home with zero
what have you lost?

swearing on the fuzzy tube
a bleeping waste of time
and the waking on your telly
has your name

i switch it off
the room turns dark
there’s no one home
i switch it on

your reflection

it’s a miracle the angel came
with a brand new nose and smile
how glamorous the heavens are
this time of year

the lady loathes the media sharks
she claims on four
whilst she waits for the next tv spot
to bark the same

i miss the news I skip the talk
i heard it all
there’s another war of words in two
are you still on hold?

match the face to win the prize
it pays to buy the rags
how much more should we know?

i switch it off
reflection stares
who is that child
with the brave cold eyes?
Track Name: Reallove_69
you wanna be you and me
but you don’t know me
and you can’t feel me

i read your message
filthy little pictures
you’re offering love to picture #5, #9, #4

but you live so far away
a trillion bits away
so how can we be? how could we be?

i browse the universe
collecting “little” people
publishing private pictures
answering pleasure

indiscretion is sorted
secret little folders
i’ll soon forget you there’s so much more to see

plenty more to see...

but the world seems so small
at my little black box
so why can’t we be? why can’t we be?
Track Name: La Dame Lézard
she lives at the corner
she’ll shed all her skin off
she wants nothing but feel anew
she’s a man who wants you to be

another step above le dogue & queers
the wait is over
a furry boy to lick her wounds
she needs a hand to drag her away!

you wait at the corner
you won’t see her again
she is hiding under your flesh
bitter taste of why in your soul

le bon dieu dans la rue s’ennui always
god bless the sinner
the time has come for you to leave
(where shall you go now?)
the lady lizard stole your name
Track Name: Mind The Gap (part 1 & 3)
arrested by the fear
a rustle in the dirt

it feeds your weakness
and leaves you wanting more

the windows on the wall
shade all the stars and son

there’s something out there
it makes the faintest roar

in the gardens everywhere
a restless pain devours

you seem so distant
yet they love you all the more

no one has the answers
to the questions you hold
your hunger never dies
the dinosaurs arise
Track Name: Blind
the man is upstairs again
looking to step beyond the cage
his eyes are closed and dry
his arms wide open
Track Name: Vodou Love Song
i feel I’m home when you're lying there
watching over you
the sun is in my head

all the world has turned to dusk
the only light that shines is you
please stay awhile

i don't wanna be
(stay with me)
all alone

i don't wanna feel
runaway with me

i don't wanna be
runaway with me

you promise me the world again tonight
Track Name: Body Extensions
this old dream
this old love
reminding me how it used to be

i never wanted this
i never wanted any of this
we wasted our love on the machines

we wasted our time on those friends of yours
oh I wish you were dead

you’re just a wasted of time
you’re just a piece of decay

this old dream was just a dream
i’ll never see you again
Track Name: Fallen
i’m falling in your arms
won’t you make me feel wanted
for the last time

greed will go away
never felt happier than today

feel the dawning of my breath
sucking in so tenderly
so silently

you will remember me
a storm in your see of thoughts
a whisper that dreams forever
Track Name: I Of The Storm
the thought that I choose is
the one that crush me down

for the love that I need is
the love that eats me out

and I have always thought of all your needs
for I cannot recall my own desires

and I feel it’s all over
and I think it’s all been said and done
oh why do I let you in on and on?
Track Name: Le Somnambule
la ville est belle dans le noir
c’est la couleur de l’espoir
tu cours et je te suis
sans voir où nous allons
pas plus d’sommeil faut y boire

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